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We use a judicious mix of manual and automation testing. Test Planning, Test case design, Use case analysis, development of regression test suite are some of the services that we offer.

eProSoft’s QA & Compliance services are delivered by our team of highly skilled and experienced consultants and developers. These professionals are committed to ensuring the highest levels of customer satisfaction and creating superior solutions for our clients worldwide.

At eProSoft, we use a wide variety of software testing practices and processes to ensure near bug-free software for our clients. Our broad portfolio of testing services include:

Performance Testing

Seamless integration of performance testing services at any stage of SDLC

We provide tailored performance testing services to evaluate, anticipate and manage software performance under normal load, at peak periods and in stress conditions - at each stage of the software development life cycle.

Our performance testing expertise includes software solution types:

e-commerce applications

Internet-facing solutions

Web portals

social media

SaaS, etc

Enterprise software such as-



ECM solutions

other online services

Functional Testing

Proven package of services for the delivery of flawless system functionality

Our Functional Testing process guarantees that software applications will provide bug-free operation in compliance with all relevant functional requirements. Test results are interpreted to understand the issues and bugs that are causing them, to determine their severity, and to establish the priority of fixes. Each bug status is thoroughly documented and tracked.

Localization Testing

Speak your clients' language

Our Localization Testing practice checks a solution's interface and the precision of its work within a localized country- and language-specific environment. When software is localized, customers who access / buy the product can choose their native language and view the content in the format to which they are accustomed.

Elements for Localization Testing

Compliance of the application with native (localized) environments (Windows, MS Office, etc.)

Compliance of the application with GUI guidelines

Compatibility with different regional standards (e.g., date/time, time zone and currency format, postal codes, telephone numbers, paper format, etc.)

Regulatory compliance

Help files and documentation

Mobile App Testing

360-degree perception

Mobile testing or mobile application testing ensures the functionality, usability, consistency, performance, security and other important functional and non-functional traits of a mobile app to ensure the market release of best and impeccable quality of mobile applications. Functionality, Usability, and Consistencies are the core and key attributes that work as a base to experience customer satisfaction towards a mobile application.

At eProSoft, we have a Mobile Testing Lab where we provide the following USPs

Device Repository

Regularly updated with new releases of iOS, Windows & Android phones & tablets

Android smartphones of varied form factors


All app can be deployed and tested without investing in the mobile handset for various OS

We can perform UI, Stress and performance testing on it easily

Security Testing

We protect your business from cyberattacks

eProSoft’s Security Testing helps online service providers, website owners, and independent software vendors to effectively manage their application from security risks and mitigate possible business impacts.

Monitoring the latest trends in security risks

Adapting proven methodologies for threats analysis and security assessment

Incorporating best practices for detecting and identifying vulnerabilities

Exploring new automation tools for security testing

Usability Testing

We help you see the world through your customers’ eyes

We help our clients to enhance their user experience and improve software products with our goal-oriented, process-based, knowledge-driven approach to application usability testing

Elements for Usability Testing

Who is the target user?

Actual versus perceived needs

Products evolution

User problem change

Regional/ cultural differences



Compatibility Testing

Complete application compatibility with eProSoft’s software testing services

Our compatibility testing services include:

Cross-Platform Testing:

Flawless product processing under various OS types, version & locales

Seamless application functioning

Cross-Browser Testing:

Ensure user visual experience

Ensure seamless & identical functional behavior of applications

Accessibility Testing

Realistic Testing for the Challenged

Accessibility testing is done with consideration to people with differing disabilities. It ensures that people with disabilities like color blindness, old age, vision & hearing impairment can use the application.

About 20% of the population has disability issues. Accessibility issues in software can be resolved if Accessibility Testing is made part of the normal testing life cycle. Looking at the latest market trend, we have started including the Accessibility Testing as part of their normal testing life cycle and also started supporting the Accessibility Testing in many ways.

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