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Within a decade, business focus has moved from assets to commerce, and now to the customer. Digitalization is changing business models and processes; making them increasingly customer-centric. The fuel to this transformation is data, that’s driving insight-led competitive differentiation.

Our digital transformation initiatives can help enterprises:

Deliver high touch convergent experiences that are human, insightful, and data-driven

Amplify efficiency and boost revenue from operations

Empower employees and boost workforce productivity and drive innovation

Reduce costs and risks with informed decision-making

Form closer partnerships with increased collaboration.

Simplify digital transformation and induce digital capabilities faster

Adapt to changing business landscape and scale at speed

Engineer next-generation products and services focused on the digital age

Transform digital experience, modernize the operational process, and mobilize business

Digital Insights:

Digital insights-driven business models are the truth of the customer-centric economy. As traditional analytical methods become obsolete, businesses need to reinvent the way they utilize data to glean actionable insights. Happiest Minds Digital Insights Services helps you:

Leverage cutting-edge data analytics solutions

Derive near real-time actionable insights

Discover innovative solutions to business problems

Drive informed decision making


Developing for competitive differentiation requires more than just an innovative idea, it requires organizations to deliver fast and deliver smart. Competitive advantage lies in the ability to bring ideas to life at the speed of light, gather and incorporate feedback, and accelerate time to market to morph into the next-gen of a delivery ecosystem. Our rapid prototyping offering enables organizations to:

Inspire ingenuity by the hyper accelerating idea-to-prototype process.

Share vision and opportunities for digital transformation with all the stakeholders.

Garner quick feedback, adapt, build, test, and deploy solutions.

Identify the best-of-breed concepts and deliver them with speed.

Digital Experiences:

Market dynamics are shifting at unprecedented rates, forcing organizations to respond to change with equal urgency. Organizations must embrace these forces of digital proliferation to create connected digital experiences, or risk becoming extinct. We enable organizations to:

Create digitally enhanced omnichannel experiences.

Amplify customer understanding using capabilities like IoT, analytics, and mobility.

Define path-to-purchase customer journey from awareness to decision.

Customize offerings using predictive analytics and recommendation engines.

Optimize and enhance interactions throughout the customer lifecycle.

Leverage Mindful Thinking approach to enhance efficiency and deliver Digital Capital faster

Digitally Enabled Applications:

Digital Enabled Application Services aim to empower organizations across the entire application life cycle. From design to building and managing the applications, our application services experts work with our clients to facilitate application-centric transformation. We enable organizations to:

Redesign enterprise architecture to accelerate digital capital creation.

Transform enterprise content management strategy to deliver highly contextual experiences.

Enhance omnichannel capabilities by leveraging the latest technologies.

Design purpose-built applications to resolve unique business problems.

Manage high volume inventory to ensure accurate and up-to-date product information.

Embrace open source technologies to create new, reliable, robust, scalable, and economical applications faster

Modernizing Legacy Applications:

One of the biggest challenges for CIOs today is to ensure technology and business process evolution are in sync and systems, people, and processes are future-ready. Modernization delivers competitive advantages of agile business processes based on new technologies and architecture. It also helps mitigate risks and reduces the cost of ownership. We empower organizations to:

Reengineer business processes and accelerate the development cycle by enabling innovation.

Tap into the resource base of modern skill sets.

Drive higher ROI by improving business and operational efficiency.

Overcome application design limitations and support new business requirements.

Build an easy to adopt, low cost, secure, and scalable solution.

Digital Platforms:

Digital Platforms empower organizations with information and interactions to hyper to accelerate value creation. We leverage emerging technologies like augmented intelligence, robotic process automation, big data analytics, internet of things and augmented reality enabling companies to become customer-centric, frugal & insight-driven. We build innovation systems through a process of mindful thinking to help our clients:

Focus on consistent & intuitive experiences: Link every journey, no isolations.

Built to adapt and scale: Take ‘one’ to ‘millions’.

Deliver with speed: Fast to market, the key to winning the market.

Place users at the center of everything: And yet, treat every customer as ‘one’

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