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eProSoft is formed in 1999 by X-PwC employees, who had common vision to be the innovators in the digital transformation of large to mid-sized companies worldwide. Being in continuous business for more than twenty years, eProSoft leadership and advisory board played key roles in keeping it relevant to every changing landscape from dotcom boom to financial meltdown of 2007. We are proud to present our team, who made this journey fun and rewarding.

We are committed to providing our customers, an honest, innovative and value-based services and products. We strongly believe in “we succeed only if our client succeeds”. We take up work only if we believe that it brings value and makes a difference to our clients bottom-line.

Our employees are professional, highly educated, and talented individuals who takes pride in delivering quality and value. We ensure, we manage our talent and promote a good work-life balance for all our employees and make eProSoft a fun place to work and associate.

We are committed to our vendors honoring our culture and promise timely execution of all our financial and services commitments.

Last, but not the least, we are committed to our investors and board to ensure their goals and vision are fulfilled and promised.

Satish Kodavali - CEO

Texas A&M - Class of 1994


Bryan Kull

VP of Marketing

Vijay Kumar B

Architecture and Digital Technology

Aaron Martin

Business Development


Human Resources

Advisory Board

Dr. Lavanya K

Medical Advisory

Oksana L

Project and Process Advisory

Nick Chiromeras

Healthcare SME

Naveen Gunti

eCommerce and Retail

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