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For 20+ years, eProSoft has been providing application support and maintenance services to customers and proved to be a professional and reliable partner. Our services can be provided on a 24/7/365 basis. Our application support specialists have vast experience in providing support in various regional areas.

IT Support Infrastructure We Offer:

Level 1 Support: Involves a user support team that receives queries in your preferred way – by phone/video calls, chat, and social networks, via email, using specific web forms or a tracking system. The Service desk team registers and prioritizes the queries collect the comprehensive description of the problems you faced, and either directly solve simple, previously documented issues or passes them to the next level of support. Support Engineer takes responsibility for the incident and provides status according to agreed SLA until its closure.

Level 2 Support: Involves a trained technical support team that deals with system troubleshooting, monitors key performance indicators of the system as well as takes care of simple configuration issues, software installations, and routine maintenance.

Level 3 Support: Involves a team of engineers with a deep understanding of the technologies and platforms used in your application. With access to the application’s server-side, the team fixes more complex issues – previously unregistered or requiring code reviews or substantial changes in the system. The engineers can also carry out complex configurations, database administration as well as server and network repairs.

Mainstream Services

Adaptive Maintenance and Support: We can help you make the necessary modifications and revisions to your software for the transformational needs of your business. Here is an overview of what we do as part of application software maintenance - Data format change, localization and regulation change, hardware configuration change, support utility modification, and operating system integration.

Corrective Maintenance and Support: We help you fix errors in your software system, whether they are logical errors, coding errors, or design errors. Moreover, we investigate any bug that may arise in your software algorithms.

Perfective Maintenance and Support: Constant upkeep and special attention are needed to make the most of the technology for your business. We examine your software thoroughly for modifications, rectifications, editing, deletions, additions, and enhancements that it may need, and take necessary action.

Preventive Maintenance: Proactive and Preventive - that is how we define the efficiency of our application software maintenance services. Based on customer feedback and past incidents, we prepare your software for future requirements of your business.

Specialized Services

Upgrades: Software Version Upgrades & Functionality Upgrades

Migration: Database Migration & Language Migration

Support: Post-release Support, Operational and Helpdesk Support

Maintenance: Packaged Software Maintenance, Website Maintenance, Custom Application Maintenance, Long-term Maintenance

Enhancements: Application Enhancements & Performance Enhancements

Other Support Services: Porting, Software Re-engineering, Request Based Software Services, Bug Fixes, Defect Resolution, Change Request Handling, Configuration management, Status Reports

Our Software Maintenance and Support Process

Requirement Collection: We will acquire the documentation and processes followed by your developers. The details will help us determine maintenance objectives.

Program Analysis We will rely on knowledge sharing on enterprise applications to decode the program objectives. This will help us interpret the complexity and self-descriptiveness

Maintenance Proposal: We will arrive at the best maintenance strategy and the maintenance proposal will be furnished for your approval

Evaluating Infrastructure Stability: We will analyze the extendibility and stability of the infrastructure to understand the potential for the ripple effect

Testing: The maintenance protocol, once implemented, will be vigorously tested for ruggedness and reliability. If necessary, ongoing preventive maintenance efforts will be provided

Release and Reporting:

Once approved for release, we will compile our response and actions in a legible report for recordkeeping and future reference Our Software Maintenance and Support Process

Client industry: e-commerce


Onboard IT Maintenance and Support services 24*7


With eProsoft’s IT Maintenance and Support servicesour e-Commerce customer able to plug the gaps between development, QA & operations.


Mitigate Business Risk

Improve Performance

Increase Quality

Improve process

Solution area:

With wide range of customer base our e-Commerce customers choose our IT Maintenance and Support servicesto improve the productivity and identify traceability metrics.

eProSoft’s IT Maintenance and Support services enable customers to mitigate the business risk by providing different levels of support involving highly skilled technical teams.

With eProSoft’s IT Maintenance and Support services our e-commerce customer increases the Quality and process

eProsoft’s IT Maintenance and Support our e-commerce customer mitigates to have minimal or zero business impact especially around peak shopping season.


Our e-commerce customers are adopting our IT Maintenance and Support services and experiencing following results.

Mitigate Risk:

Customers are able to mitigate the risk by proactive monitoring

Improve Performance:

With zero down time customers are able to experience the increase in footfall

Rapid results:

eProSoft’s 24*7 Support began to show results to the business by proactively act on the business needs around the peak shopping season.

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