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There is one reason that some traditional offline marketing tactics remain popular today despite the rise of the internet: they get results. Offline Reach services are still a highly effective tool for many businesses that want to reach their ideal customers at the ideal time.

Your offline advertising strategies are going to depend on the type of business and the type of audience you are trying to reach. Printed materials and digital content can both be highly effective, but you need the right marketing firm to find the perfect mix. We at eProSoft, offer a wide range of offline marketing services that can provide real value on their own or as part of an integrated strategy.

If you really want to expand your reach with your target audience, combining digital marketing and offline marketing is the way to go. eProSoft can create a custom integrated campaign for you that will leverage the best aspects of online and offline communication to improve your overall marketing ROI.

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Print Advertisement

In spite of the mushrooming growth of electronic media, the print media has not lost its significance. It has its own charm and advantages that have been attracting the masses. A print advertisement is a powerful medium to promote your products and services. We have the expertise to design attractive print commercials that will easily get noticed amongst the scores of newspapers ads. By creating attractive captions and layouts, we can offer you world-class print advertisements.

Poster Designing

Posters are essential part of a campaigning, exhibition or conference. We have been creatively designing posters for various companies ranging from small business establishments to multinational companies. We have also designed posters for various organizations working for environmental protection and social causes. The creative posters designed by us will reflect the core objective of your campaign. They will express the mission of your organization in a creative way. Through the attractive and artistic posters, your message will be conveyed to your target.


A brochure must be professionally designed matching the standard of your company. The brochure represents your organization. We are committed to design international standard brochure for your company. The brochure will creatively express every aspect of your company to the target customers.

Company Presentation

An attractive presentation of your company can play the key role in getting more business. Empowered by the new technologies like flash, after effects, 3D Max etc., we design attractive presentation for your company. Every aspect of your company is exhibited in a flamboyant way impressing your potential clients. We also design presentation for newly launched products and services of your company. Get the power of new media and display the potentials of your company.

Direct Mail

The power of direct mail continues to dominate the market as other media formats fall prey to filtering or changing consumer habits. Its unique ability to target individuals with increased accuracy while still requiring the recipient to evaluate the material is a powerful combination.

Direct-mail marketing can be a powerful marketing strategy for medical practices, hospitals, businesses and related healthcare organizations. But, to get noticed and drive response, your direct-mail efforts need to be conceived, developed and implemented well.

There are specific methods in direct mail that are known to work well… and methods that don’t. Of course, the point of any marketing effort is to produce results.


When you don’t have a lot to say, but you need to be heard. Postcards are perfect for concise messages that really stand out. Communicate clearly, quickly and easily – recipients see your images and text without the added step of opening an envelope. You can boost your response by personalizing your postcard for each recipient.

Mail to every address in the neighborhood WITHOUT a list. Every Door Direct Mail / Retail, a new program from the United States Postal Service allows you to saturate local neighborhoods with large-format mailers for the incredibly low postage rate of 17.5 cents per piece.

User Story:

"The number of new patients that find us as a result of our online presence is up by about 26%"

Solution Highlights: Website Redesign, Optimized SEO

Discover how we helped Dr. Dudhat consistently appear on page 1 of search results for cosmetic dentists in his area, what it’s like to work with us, and why he chose eProSoft.

In addition to personal referrals, most patients today find services through online research.

Dr. Dudhat had felt that their online presence had decreased. They were no longer showing up on Page 1 of search results in their area, and he wanted someone to re-design the practice website and increase their overall online presence.

He was looking for a provider that offered a breadth of services, including social media and SEO, to improve their search ranking and overall online presence. He had researched on several other dental-specific online marketing solutions providers and felt that eProSoft had better features, as well as the ability to customize offerings to meet their needs.

eProSoft offers simple and effective solutions. Our team is extremely easy to work with and very flexible. We listen a lot to ensure we understand client needs, so we’re able to design a website and recommend services to help our clients meet their goals.

Per Dr. Dudhat, after partnering with us, has seen the number of new patients that find them as a result of their online presence is up by apprx. 26%. Their search rankings had also improved, consistently appearing on Page 1 of search results for their dentistry services in their area.

The biggest benefit is being able to engage with current and prospective patients. The old phonebook is now social media, and that’s where patients go when searching for a new dentist.

Client industry: Dental

Dentists who are looking for more reputation and footfall? You have landed at right place.

Discover how we helped Dr. Dudhat consistently growing the business of the newly acquired dental practice.

Solution Highlights:

Print Publications, Flyers, email campaigns, Print Advertising

Dr. Dudhat acquired a losing dental practice and need help to retain the business. He didn’t want to change the culture of the practice too much and alienate the current patient base. His main objective was steady growth that would bring in 15-20 new patients a month.

He wanted to target families in his local area to help bring down the average age of his patient base. Looking at the demographics of his area this was a group we knew we could be successful reaching.

We put together a new re-branded website that would communicate the culture of the practice and help guide potential patients to the services they sought out for.

After the initial build-out, we launched branding campaigns utilizing content and SEO. We supplemented the branding with hygiene and cosmetic ads utilizing PPC, online display ads, and social media advertising.

In a span of 3 months, we’re delivering over 15-20 new patients a month that was coming exclusively from the branding and advertising efforts

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