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Enable increased speed to innovate and bring products and services to market with more agility, strong controls, and security capabilities to transform your business and realize significant cost-control and reliability.

eProSot can help you rapidly modernize applications, migrate the right workloads, and securely manage your hybrid environment.eProSot can help you rapidly modernize applications, migrate the right workloads, and securely manage your hybrid environment.

We’ll help you adopt and scale new cloud solutions globally while integrating with your traditional IT infrastructure.

AWS Solutions We Are Adept At:

Fresh Deployments: move your products/app to a cloud

Backup & DR: cloud bases crisis solutions

AWS Market Enablement: integrate your products to provide solutions on AWS Marketplace

AWS Migration: migrate applications and other clouds to AWS

24x7 Support: uninterrupted monitoring

Storage: set up virtual unlimited storage solution delivering content through CDN

Cloud Migration Services

Migrate your simple to complex applications with eProSoft’s proven AWS cloud migration services. Our practical AWS method helps the client to transform their businesses into an agile, digital Enterprises

Infrastructure Migration

Data Migration

Application Migration

Cloud-native Capabilities

Managed Cloud Services

Post implementing our AWS cloud services, rest can be assured with our uninterrupted observation of your cloud model through eProSoft’s virtual NOC security monitoring and managed services.

AWS helps to deliver a scalable, reliable & flexible application in the cloud in a cost-effective way. Redesign your business with our AWS cloud services.

Architecture Consulting

Maintenance Services

Operational Management

Agile DevOps Orchestration

Infrastructure as code

Automation & replication

DevOps/ application virtualization

Agile design and engineering

Planning & Governance

Cloud readiness assessment

Centralized cloud management

Cloud migration roadmap

IT strategy best practices

Information security vulnerability management

Client industry: e-commerce


Migrate applications to AWS cloud to improve the performance and footfall.


With eProsoft’s cloud migration services our E-commerce customers can transform their business into digital enterprises


Market enablement



Backup & DR

Solution area:

Lack of Infrastructure management our E-commerce customers choose our Cloud computing services to migrate the applications to AWS.

eProSoft’s Cloud computing services enables customers to improve the application performance and monitoring.

With the emerging new market our e-commerce customers want to host the website on AWS using eProsoft’s cloud services to improve the footfall and customer traction.

With eProSoft’s cloud computing services our e-commerce & Healthcare customers streamline operational management and maintenance.

With the support services our customers are able to manage zero downtime and improve the site performance and productivity.


Our Healthcare and e-commerce customers are adopting our cloud computing services and experiencing following results.

Increased productivity:

Customers are experiencing rise in foot fall with increase in performance.

Streamlined monitoring:

With uninterrupted monitoring they are experiencing the zero-down time.

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