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Online Transport Marketplace Solution.

Client industry: Financial

raditional Tools Dependency Dependency on the traditional tools and equipment is one of the biggest reasons .

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Challenges & Opportunities:

Traditional Tools Dependency Dependency on the traditional tools and equipment is one of the biggest reasons for non-profitable businesses. Poor technologies used in the sector makes it difficult for transportation industry to thrive.

Regulation Acceptance The industry is one of the biggest and has a long line up of rules and regulations imposed by the government to comply with, makes it a barrier for the industry to digitalization.

Market Competition Transportation and Logistics industry is heavily competitive which leads to a great competition in pricing. Cost is what defines how business will adopt to change in process, and it becomes more difficult for technology to make its way to small and medium sized businesses.

Isolated Groups The process of decision making is complicated, as isolated groups and remote assemblies add up to their complications like increased costs and poor-quality services.

Global Expansion Transportation and Logistics sector has a worldwide presence and it implies a large set of opportunities on global levels can be explored and leveraged to push your business boundaries and explore new marketplaces.

New Process Utilizing technology can be pragmatic step for business and this new approach will be more fruitful for businesses in terms of reduced losses due to bad management and effective management and cost cuttings.

Technology Implementation Technology and Transportation/Logistics industry have a lot of scope for digitalization, right technology implementation thus adding to improved processes and reduced cost which are one of the biggest needs of the industry.

The Cost Factor Cost is one of the biggest factors for any industry and Transportation/Logistics industry is no less. Cost changes the way people look forward to adoption and thus, web and mobile solutions can help them grow efficiently.

Mobile Technology The world of transportation and logistics industry is now no longer remote. Businesses can track their business activities in one go with powerful transportation technology solutions that are redefining the transportation industry.

Problem Statement The client wanted to create an application from scratch for an online transport marketplace. The application should serve two types of users: Customer and Transporter. Both users should be able to register, log in and avail features according to their respective roles.


Customer creates a new listing, describing the item/s that they need transported. Customer can create listing in two steps by filling out 2 forms. In the first form, customer can fill in details such as item's physical measurements like length, width, height and upload multiple images of item. Second form will ask for pickup and drop location details with the help of Google map.

Transporters can then place competing bids on the listing. The customer then selects the winning bid Transporters can then place competing bids on the listing. The customer then selects the winning bid based on price, delivery time frame and customer reviews. The customer pays 50% of the listing amount through the application. The details of the Customer and Transporter will be exchanged, and the delivery can then take place.

Once the delivery has been completed, the Transporter will receive the remaining funds from the customer. Once the delivery has been completed, the Transporter will receive the remaining funds from the Customer. Feedback is then exchanged on the application, which helps in building each Transporter’s reputation. We also created a rating system that Customer can use to rate Transporter.

Dealer Management Systems: Efficient dealer management system that gives you the power to manage your business easier. We create technology systems that can be easily used from your desktop, smartphone and other devices enabling you to manage your business on the go.

Fleet Management System: Track your fleet of vehicles effortlessly, with our provided fleet management mobile apps and desktop solutions. We give you powerful solutions that make it easy for you to make the best use of the fleet and that can be easily used on smart devices.

Shipping & Delivery System: Powerful shipping and delivery process management on the run, we give you transportation and logistics web and app development solutions that allow you access your orders, fleet, delivery system and others.

Inventory Solutions A robust inventory management solution defined through pre-enabled categories, data to align with your logistics and inventory system that fits your unique needs while providing you tailor made solutions.

Supply Chain Management: Supply chain management system that allows you to keep a track on your production, demand, and supply and other important internal and external processes. We also do interactive and easy to use logistic app development for better business management.

Data Warehousing Solutions: Ideal solution for large business with needs for data warehousing, we give you IT solutions that are a breakthrough in automobile industry to manage, protect your data in easy way while reducing chances of error.

Logistic on Demand: Logistic technology solutions, that helps you interact easily with your end users while gives your users an interactive platform to book your services, track your staff and find ways to reduce efforts and cost immensely.

Location Tracking Solutions: Tracking your vehicles, fleet, drivers was never easier, and efficient location tracking solutions that gives you the real time location of your vehicles helping you to coordinate, track and manage your staff and services efficiently.

Why eProSoft:

Accessible Solutions — Technology becomes much easier to approach and implement with eProSoft. We help you reduce challenges that hinder your approach in adopting digitalization. People with no technical knowledge too, can easily adopt them for managing their vendors, back-end, fleet, inventory and other technology solutions that are redefining the transportation industry.

Tailor Made image Tailor Made — Our advanced tailor-made IT solutions allow you to customize your solutions as per your business needs, per say size and the internal processes.

Timeless Solutions — Changes with time are important and so is the necessary adoption for technology, however it is not always needed to start over all the time when something new comes in the market. Hence, eProSoft allows you to get the timeless solutions that stay effective for years in managing your business operations.

Extensive Support — Our 24/7 comprehensive support system will always assist you with your products and helps you upkeep your products all the time while ensuring your lead in long run.

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