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Reduction in operational cost with BI & Analytics platform

Client industry: Financial

Regulations on real estate sales, financing and leasing activities are imposed by local governments .

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Compliances and Regulations:

Regulations on real estate sales, financing and leasing activities are imposed by local governments worldwide. These regulations, varying from state-to-state, include regulation of real estate appraisals, home inspections and auctions and licensing stipulations.

Centralization of Real Time Inventory Data:

The advanced technology solutions in industry practices call for replacement of the outdated MLS system with an amalgamated "single-source syndication CMS tool for streamlining the workflow of the realtors.

Sales Process consolidation Focusing on Lead Management:

A substantial number of leads reposing in your inbox doesn't equate to leased or sold property. In fact, more leads counterclaim more efforts at your end. Only qualified leads can be captured through a consolidated sales process which results on good ROI.

New Process:

Utilizing technology can be pragmatic step for business and this new approach will be more fruitful for businesses in terms of reduced losses due to bad management and effective management and cost cuttings.

Technology Implementation:

Technology and Real-estate industry have a lot of scope for digitalization, right technology implementation thus adding to improved processes and reduced cost which are one of the biggest needs of the industry.

The Cost Factor:

Cost is one of the biggest factors for any industry and Real-estate industry is no less. Cost changes the way people look forward to adoption and thus, web and mobile solutions can help them grow efficiently.

Mobile Technology:

Businesses can track their activities in one go with powerful Real-estate technology solutions that are redefining the industry.

Why eProSoft:

Accessible Solutions — Technology becomes much easier to approach and implement with eProSoft. We help you reduce challenges that hinder your approach in adopting digitalization. People with no technical knowledge too, can easily adopt them for managing their vendors, back-end, fleet, inventory and other technology solutions that are redefining the transportation industry.

Tailor Made image Tailor Made — Our advanced tailor-made IT solutions allow you to customize your solutions as per your business needs, per say size and the internal processes.

Timeless Solutions — Changes with time are important and so is the necessary adoption for technology, however it is not always needed to start over all the time when something new comes in the market. Hence, eProSoft allows you to get the timeless solutions that stay effective for years in managing your business operations.

Extensive Support — Our 24/7 comprehensive support system will always assist you with your products and helps you upkeep your products all the time while ensuring your lead in long run.

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