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With high debts and low operation revenues, real-estate companies facing huge liquidity issues and with...

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Challenges & Opportunities:

Content Replication:

One of the biggest concerns of media industry is plagiarism and despite of harsh methods to keep it under control there are no means to completely stop the practice, raising concern.

Intellectual Property Rights:

Too much of affiliations can become a hinderance while sharing and selling of the content. however under regulation, it can make things quite difficult to introduce at first.

Personalized Content:

Tailor made experiences are so much sought-after, leveraging its benefits and implementing it in media industry is quite challenging.

Integration Across Multiple platforms:

Audience is not stuck to a single platform rather is exploring multiple solutions available on different platforms, making it tougher for developers to make something so versatile.

Monetizing content:

Technology has extended and bestowed media and entertainment industry with a whole new host of opportunities for creative content creation, distribution, improving your conversion.

User experience:

Technology has the transformative powers to improve CX (customer experience) by ten folds to improve your employee experience and enhance their productivity.

Retaining customers:

Continuous new iterations and addition of something eye catchy and attractive for your users to keep them stitched to your platforms is much needed to ensure higher customer retention.

Higher engagement:

Media and entertainment industry are now with the advantage of technology are coming up with media publishing software solutions that allow them to publish content to endeavor their most of all goals that is of grabbing higher user engagement.


As media companies are preparing themselves for digital journey only now has the media & entertainment industry become capable of rendering the safety needed to protect the data and content of their users and has empowered cybersecurity.


Media Upstream & Content Processing:

We help capture, process, enrich and deliver content using a scalable cloud platform.

Our state-of-the-art content platforms are scalable and cloud-based open source.

Our platforms are designed to process incoming content, insert/replace/ target advertisements based on business rules, transcode content just-in-time and hand over for further delivery.

Media Content Creation:

We help you roll out media content services based on configurable business rules and policies.

We enable customized integration of content workflows onto media-specific platforms.

we build media-specific services such as traffic logging, billing, analytics on top of the core platform

Using our Service Authorization component, we help you control content entitlement, Digital Rights Management, concurrency limits and content blackouts.

Using our Device Management and Policy Management framework, you can orchestrate specific service use cases such as parental control.

Media Content Analytics:

You can acquire agile, cross-platform, real-time video analytics systems to analyze user behavior and audience preferences.

Help improve content monetization opportunities. Leverage our experience of providing global media solutions on cloud-based media delivery frameworks.

Intelligent Media Delivery:

We can help you prevent network traffic spikes and bandwidth constraints from affecting your viewer’s Quality of Experience (QoE)

We help you in the proliferation challenges of video traffic over IP networks during configuration, deployment and monitoring of networks.

We provide solutions in Virtualizing Video Network Functions, Video Element Management through SDN (Software Defined Networking)

Provide Service Monitoring for network QoS / QoE issues, by detecting and triaging the issue, quantifying its impact

Infotainment/Entertainment Platforms:

Development of OTT platforms that can turn your business into a sensation. Live in the hearts of your users by never letting them miss on their favorite shows, matches and other entertainment programs.

Why eProSoft:

Business Process Streamlining — At eProSoft, we have made management, optimization and operation of your media and entertainment business easier. We assist your business with SOA infrastructure that strengthens your foundation and allows you to associate with your users in a much user-friendly way. Without entertainment technology solutions, you have the power to customize your product and give personalized experience to them.

Advance Process — We’ve excelled in developing efficient mobile and software solutions allowing you to leverage the burgeoning market as it is now for entertainment industry while accelerating your business, boosting your productivity and minimizing your problems and complexities to least.

Secured Infrastructure — Security is attained using dependable technology and proven processes. We have in-depth knowledge of technology that allows you to out-perform your competition without worrying about security at all. Being the leading media technology providers, we give you the assurance of quality and efficiency.

Multi-Channel Approach — Our in-depth and broader thought prospective helps adopt a multi-channel approach. We help you thrive on leading mobile and web platforms including, Android, iOS, and others. This approach enables you to interact with your customers on multiple platforms and allows you to sell your products easily on popular channels.

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