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Financial solutions with Custom Application & Mobile development

Client industry: Financial

The client needed to introduce the social banking for students to introduce digital transactions in...

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The client needed to introduce the social banking for students to introduce digital transactions in student groups who cannot afford high transactional rates from banks.



eProsoft with the banking & Financial domain expertise stepped up and created web app which supports social banking for students.



Social banking platform

Digital transactions

User financial analysis

Strengthened security

Solution area:

eProSoft helped client with developing solution to introduce social banking for university students who are cash strapped.

Advancement in the solution helped the students to perform digital transactions and will analyze the spending habits of the users and guide them with suggestions.

With the ability to capture the user location it can share the promotional coupons of restaurants based on which students can take up decisions.

With the integration of payment gateway users can send and receive money among the friend’s groups.

Client with an initial user base of 5500 was able to successfully adopt the solution, which showed them progress with increasing user base of 16000 with in short span.

eProSoft’s niche skilled and innovative team are experts at creatively modernizing the capabilities of our financial solutions to improve financial analysis and digital transactions for users.


Financial Planning — User with the help of suggestions can plan the financials and save their earnings.

Pay among groups — Allows users to send money to friends as well as request money from them.

Distribution management — Users can split the bills among the friend’s group.

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